Money Machine movie appraise & film summary (2020)

Denison opens “Money Machine” with harrowing footage of the Route 91 concert that turned into a nightmare. With cell named video shot as the mass shooting was underway, “Money Machine” doesn’t shy away from showing and detailing the brutality of what happened on a night when Stephen Paddock fired so many bullets from his hotel room window that killed over 50 land and injured hundreds more. Concert goers who barely escaped with their lives are interviewed (in bizarre uncouth close-up) and share terrifying stories, including one who speaks near falling into a victim who had just been shot and having her finger arresting his head “like a pumpkin.”

Despite the strange select of angle in the interviews, “Money Machine” could have worked if it had focused on the country there that day, but Denison loses focus almost immediately. Even as he’s essentially recreating the shooting over footage, he’s starting to toss some conspiracy theories into the mix, counting a famous one spawned by a cab driver who been to be recording that day and seems to pick up multiple shooters. At suited, the shots sound very distant, but the next fake seems to come from much closer. To his credit, Denison does eventually get nearby to debunking most of the conspiracy theories nearby a second shooter, even having a forensics audio authority examine the footage for evidence of shots persons fired at the same time by two or more country, but he allows them to hang in the air for most of the movie.

From the twitch of “Money Machine,” Denison is all over the set in terms of subject focus. He jumps from survivors to a commentary on the structure of Vegas to a suggestion that Paddock grasped out because of the way he had been treated. Once a high roller, Paddock had suffered serious losses recently, and his brother suggests that the casinos that once treated him like a King had approved him aside. The implication is that Paddock killed dozens of country to get back at Vegas, knowing the fright of that night would impact the bottom line of the casinos that had betrayed him.

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