Kathryn Hahn Is All About Returning To The Screen As Mrs. Fletcher

Despite its limited-series run, HBO’s Mrs. Fletcher just might return for Season 2. Based on the bestselling novel by Tom Perrotta, Mrs. Fletcher follows single mom Eve Fletcher (Kathryn Hahn) who experiences a newfound sexual awakening after her son Brendan (Jackson White) goes off to college. But in the finale, Brendan walks in on his mother at a pivotal point in this awakening: the middle of a threesome. The series ends with mother and son, silent, on the front porch of their suburban home. While HBO hasn’t picked up the series for Season 2, Perrotta and Hahn expressed enthusiasm for a follow-up to that awkward conclusion.

In an interview with IndieWire on Dec. 8, Perrotta, who also served as executive producer on the show, suggested that there’s much more to be told. “This ending is an ending of an arc, not an ending of a life," he said. "So, yes, I think there’s more room.” Perrotta, who also penned the book The Leftovers adapted into the 2014 HBO show, added, “One thing I learned from The Leftovers was to just treat every season as if it were the last. But yes, there’s more to tell if that opportunity arises.”

Hahn echoed the same sentiments. When asked if she’d return for another season, she told IndieWire, “Oh my God, of course. Of course, of course, of course. I think there’s clearly so much more story to be told. I also feel that this is a beautiful piece on its own… and I love this cast madly, so who knows? Clearly, there is so much more story to be told.” Bustle has reached out to HBO on the possibility.

While Mrs. Fletcher was picked up by HBO as a limited series, a second season return is still possible. Big Little Lies, the limited series based on the novel by Liane Moriarty, unexpectedly returned for a Season 2 after massive fanfare, after all. Like the latter series, Mrs. Fletcher has received acclaim online. Coined as a “raunchy but sweet” tale “for the ages” by NPR, Perrotta’s source material has been hailed for its narrative of a sexually-liberated 40-somethin’-year-old woman.

Hahn appears to be the ideal Eve Fletcher, too. In September 2017, she penned an open letter in Glamour to let her younger self know that at age 44, “life just gets sexier.” Hahn wrote, “At 44, you will realize something astounding: Life just gets sexier and sexier. Your sexual self will become this enormous, loud thing that you no longer take for granted, no ­longer deny. You will refuse to put a lid on it. You will listen to it. My God, you will hear it roar."

Mrs. Fletcher is available to stream on HBO.

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GILES UDY: The Corbyn experiment has been banished to the shadow

With a ‘suicide note’ manifesto even longer than Michael Foot’s, the Jeremy Corbyn experiment has been banished to the shadow at last, writes GILES UDY

Amid the many extraordinary moments in that febrile election campaign, one will stand out for years to come.

It was the last Labour rally on Wednesday evening, and Party supporters had gathered to cheer Jeremy Corbyn.

Across the road, activists protesting against the anti-Semitism that had sunk deep into Labour — both Jews and Gentiles — had unravelled a banner that read ‘Never Corbyn’.

People were furious that politicians had promised Brexit and failed to deliver on this pledge; Corbyn’s fudge on the subject fooled no one. Second: People simply didn’t like Corbyn. He is pictured after the party’s election defeat

The massed Corbynites jeered and chanted at them: ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.’

Those are the words of Hamas, the terrorist organisation once described by Corbyn as his ‘friends’, in its call for the eradication of the state of Israel and the extermination of its people.

Supporters of the Labour Party thus taunted their Jewish fellow citizens and implicitly threatened them with genocide — on British streets.

How on earth could this be happening in the United Kingdom in the 21st century?

If ever one needed a harrowing symbol of the depths to which Labour has sunk under Corbyn — and an explanation for why the public in its wisdom so emphatically rejected his toxic doctrine on Thursday, this would surely be it.

Michael Foot’s 1983 mission statement was dubbed ‘the longest suicide note in history’. Labour’s 2019 version was several times longer. Mr Foot is pictured with wife Jill walking out of a polling station in the 1980s

The Corbyn experiment, indeed, has done nothing so much as pollute a party that has a proud record of fighting racism.

‘A kinder, gentler politics’ was Corbyn’s meek slogan when he began his leadership in 2015.

But on his watch, Labour become a cesspit of hatred, class warfare and, yes, anti-Semitism.

Anyone who understands the thinking of the hard-Left — or who has studied it for as long as I have — knows that this was not some unpredictable accident.

Instead, the outcome was obvious from the start.

Less than a month after Corbyn unexpectedly became Labour leader — an event met with horror, it must be said, by most of his parliamentary colleagues — his goons formed Momentum, a Praetorian guard devoted to safeguarding the interests and position of the hard-Left, cementing its seizure of the Party and evicting all moderates from its ranks.

Put three Trotskyites in room, the joke goes, and within an hour you will have two new parties and a breakaway faction. Corbyn (pictured above in 1984) has overseen a truce within Labour between different hard-Left groups

Swathes of them were forced out or left in disgust. Others were outvoted or bullied off committees. Party rules and conference procedures were changed to close out dissenting voices.

At every step, doors through which traditional Labour centrists might take back the Party were slammed shut and bolted.

Eventually, earlier this year, even the deputy leader, Tom Watson, felt forced to step down. He recognised that the pragmatic, market-friendly, technocratic strand of Labour thinking embodied in Tony Blair — who, after all, won three elections — had no place in Corbyn’s Party.

Yet, for the wider public, it took time for the true nature of Corbyn, his beliefs and the gang with whom he surrounded himself to become obvious.

His rapturous reception at the Glastonbury festival in 2017 was more a measure of the hopes vested in him by the young than a reflection of his true character.

A generation that could not remember the Troubles in Northern Ireland did not appreciate the terrible significance of his fawning support for the IRA.

His Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott’s call for the disarming of the police and the abolition of MI5 took on a profound resonance in the context of Islamist terror, crystallised by the recent attack on London Bridge.

Eventually, people began to doubt that Labour could, or was even committed to, keeping the streets of Britain safe.

That was the backdrop against which Labour’s frankly ludicrous and dangerous manifesto was announced. 

Michael Foot’s 1983 mission statement was dubbed ‘the longest suicide note in history’. Labour’s 2019 version was several times longer.

Roman emperors, it is said, pacified their restive populations with promises of ‘bread and circuses’. As this year’s General Election campaign progressed, Labour tried the same approach.

Jeremy Corbyn is pictured above in Tunisia laying a wreath for terror leaders linked to the Munich massacre in 1972

Each new offer, more fantastic than the last, eroded the believability of the previous one. 

The eye-watering billions needed for mass nationalisation simply didn’t seem credible. The announcement that everyone would work only a four-day week without the economy suffering was met with utter disbelief.

Labour’s manifesto was the work of juvenile student revolutionaries rather than sensible adults ready for power.

On the doorstep, the verdict was damning. A friend who has been canvassing in working-class areas in Labour cities and towns around the country tells me that two issues came up constantly.

First: People were furious that politicians had promised Brexit and failed to deliver on this pledge; Corbyn’s fudge on the subject fooled no one. Second: People simply didn’t like Corbyn.

If the Party leadership had listened to ordinary voters instead of simply talking to itself and like-minded supporters, it might have avoided this rout.

What, then, will become of Labour? It should be stressed that the Party of Clement Attlee and of Tony Blair has been lost, possibly forever.

There will now be a vicious battle for the future leadership and control of the Party, but this will probably not be between the Left and the centre, as it was after Foot was obliterated a generation ago, and which led to the rise of Blair.

The new fight is just as likely to be between rival factions on the far-Left. Yesterday, Labour’s departing leader was asked whether Corbynism is dead. 

‘There is no such thing as Corbynism,’ he replied. ‘There is socialism, there is social justice.’

He is seen by his hard-Left cohort as simply the figurehead of a movement, which will continue after him; if necessary, in perpetuity.

The British Left has always been marked by infighting. In the past 100 years, more than a hundred groups of Marxists, Trotskyites, Leninists and Stalinists have sprung up here, fracturing, splitting and backstabbing each other — often over trivial disagreements about doctrine or policy.

Put three Trotskyites in room, the joke goes, and within an hour you will have two new parties and a breakaway faction.

Corbyn has overseen a truce within Labour between different hard-Left groups. Where infighting has surfaced — such as between members of John McDonnell’s Labour Representation Committee and those around Corbyn — it has been largely unnoticed.

Corbyn’s spin doctor, the former Guardian journalist Seumas Milne, and the ex-Communist Andrew Murray both have origins in the Stalinist wing of the Left.

John McDonnell’s faction, by contrast, is Trotskyite (the bitter distinction between these groups need not concern us here — suffice it to say they despise each other).

It remains to be seen if that tribalism sets the rules for the coming fight. For now, Labour lies mortally wounded. The best thing would be for it to start afresh as a moderate, broad-church party of opposition — something that is important in any democracy.

Instead, however, the remnant will carry on, no matter how small they become and how many times the electorate rejects them.

The eye-watering billions needed for mass nationalisation simply didn’t seem credible. The announcement that everyone would work only a four-day week without the economy suffering was met with utter disbelief

For many of them, losing scarcely matters: being right is more important. Indeed, some of Corbyn’s supporters are now spinning this catastrophe as a success.

‘Doublethink,’ wrote George Orwell in Nineteen Eighty-Four, ‘means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.’

The Corbyn remnant is now immersed in doublethink.

They will not moderate their extreme political ideas just because the electorate has dismissed them. 

They will blame their defeat on a hostile capitalist media, smears and lies, Brexit, the anti-democratic billionaires of Bassetlaw, Blyth Valley and Bolsover — anything but the obvious.

Holier-than-thou Lefties have spent months telling traditional Labour supporters who didn’t like what they had done to their party to ‘F*** off and join the Tories’.

Millions, it seems, did just that. 

Giles Udy is the author of Labour And The Gulag: Russia And The Seduction Of The British Left (Biteback).

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Amazon Just Paid $25 Million for a Documentary About Rihanna

It’s hard to imagine a world in which new Rihanna content could be met with anything other than euphoria, but here we are.

On Wednesday, we learned that Amazon plopped down a whopping $25 million for a documentary about RiRi, helmed by her Battleship director Peter Berg. According to an official statement from Berg’s production company, the doc, tentatively titled (what else) Rihanna, will offer “an unfiltered look into Rihanna’s life, providing a glimpse into the evolution of one of the world’s most well-known pop artists. It also promises “unparalleled access into the singer’s life and over 1,200 hours of footage,” while taking viewers on “a journey through private insights into Rihanna’s personality and humor, philosophies on work, family and love that are both moving and inspirational.”

That is good news to be sure, but based on the overall tenor of the internet, you wouldn’t know it. To be clear, people are definitely pumped for a two-hour glimpse into the life of one of our most beloved pop stars. But what people want most from Rihanna is not a documentary, but an album. It’s been almost four years since Anti, Rihanna’s last full-length that his since gone to achieve classic status.

With the documentary reportedly set to come out within the next two months, our Rihanna craving will definitely be satisfied for the time being. But based on the reactions below, if we don’t get an album soon, full-blown riots might be in order. Thankfully, rumor has it that Rihanna is in the studio as we speak. It looks like we may avoid the fall of modern civilization after all.

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NBC News Digital Workers Form New Union

A group of approximately 150 editorial workers who help produce some of NBC News digital content have formed a union, citing a desire to push their employer to work more seriously through such issues as equal pay and the recent handling of sensitive stories.

Editorial employees of NBC News Digital won certification of their union after a vote count at the National Labor Relations Board in Manhattan Friday afternoon, with a vote for forming a bargaining unit prevailing 90 to 40, according to the NewsGuild of New York, which will represent the staffers. The group includes reporters, video journalists, editors, social media strategists, designers, and editorial staff from NBC News outlets such as NBCNews.com, Today.,com, the Snapchat program “Stay Tuned,” MSNBC.com and NBC News Now, the company’s recently launched streaming-video outlet. The NewsGuild said NBC management challenged the eligibility of nearly 20 editorial employees to vote in the election.

“I have heard from many of you over the past several weeks about your love for NBC News, your excitement for all that we are building in Digital, and your commitment to making sure this continues to be a very special place to work,” said Chris Berend, executive vice president of NBC News Digital, said in a memo to staffers Friday. “Our leadership team makes that same commitment back to you— that News Digital will continue to nurture a workplace that we can all be incredibly proud to be a part of.”

Employees announced the formation of the union effort in late October.

NBC News’ digital operations represent an area of growth and investment at the company, which has worked to create new types of news content for a generation that might not think to tune in to “Today” on NBC or a program on MSNBC as its first source of video news. As more consumers get information through mobile and social media, NBC has tried to keep pace with the debut of new podcasts, streaming-video programming and shows tailored for new media venues.

NBC News sat under a microscope for a good chunk of the year, weighed down by allegations contained in the recent Ronan Farrow book “Catch and Kill” that it asked the journalist to stop the investigation he had been conducting into accusations of sexual harassment by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. The book also contained new claims by a former NBC News staffer, Brooke Nevils, that former “Today” co-anchor Matt Lauer raped her during NBC News coverage of the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

NBC News has recounted all of its efforts to help move Farrow’s work along, suggesting the work he did for NBC News did not meet a standard of having a victim make allegations against Weinstein on the record and on camera. Farrow took his work to The New Yorker, and was able to publish a story seven weeks later that shared in a Pulitzer Prize with The New York Times. Lauer has vehemently denied the allegations made against him.

“Our mission is to uphold the legacy of NBC News while empowering and protecting those who will build its future,” the new union said in a statement.

The bargaining unit also noted that  “recent weeks have highlighted serious questions as to how NBC News has handled incidents of sexual misconduct in the workplace as well as the opaque processes and procedures for reporting on and exposing powerful predators. NBC News repeatedly refused calls for an independent review on both counts despite numerous such requests from staff. This lack of transparency and NBC News’ troubling trend of passing on stories which investigate the powerful ultimately harm our credibility as journalists.” Employees want to “address these issues, but only if management works with us,” the union said.



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Dad’s washing machine picture left internet users thinking his baby was inside

T-shirts with your baby’s face on them are all very sweet, until the moment that you pop them in on a hot wash and forget you’ve done it.

Details on this amazing picture are a bit unclear – it appears to have emerged form a Russian Imgur user called A Russian And His Bike.

He tagged the image “Please, if you are ever washing your favourite shirt with a picture of your child on it, just put a warning note on the washer or something…”

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Dozens of Imgur users commented the image had made them do a serious double take. More than one asked him to add a similar warning to the actual upload.

One commenter, typical of many, said “'GOOD GRIEF! Put a note on the title that actually shows up on the thumbnail, too, please!’”

  • Woman’s £1 laundry hack gets clothes feeling super soft every time

  • Woman's 59p cleaning hack quickly removes hair caught in your vacuum cleaner

Others were bit more playful, for example one commenter replied: “What's the big deal? I put it on the delicates setting.”

It didn’t help that the image of the baby, while it was probably laughing at the time the photo was taken, looks absolutely terrified in the machine.

  • Bizarre optical illusion showing man flying on broomstick 'seen 2billion times'

  • Mysterious circles filmed on remote island paradise by helicopter pilot

Of course, for every one person commenting in the spirit of the original post, there are a dozen more armchair laundry experts adding ‘helpful’ advice such as: “Turn your shirts inside out. The prints will last so much longer!”

And someone else managed to bring the whole mood down by announcing: “Co workers cat just died in a dryer accident about a week and a half ago. If you have kids or pets check before loading” and someone else – who should probably be checked out by the authorities – added: “I Killed my dads old cat by trying to give it a bath in the washing machine. I was 4.”

Finally, one grumpy person, who probably shouldn’t be on a fun image sharing site in the first place, chipped din with: “Or maybe don't be trailer trash putting family members faces on shirts.”

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Love Island’s Zara McDermott sends fans wild peachy bikini snap on holiday

Love Island babe Zara McDermott strikes again with her latest social media reveal from paradise.

In one picture Zara let fans see her fun side as she got ready to hit some serious waves on a Yamaha jet-ski.

The striking bootylicious snap showed the stunning X Factor: Celebrity star standing ready to tackle the clear blue ocean.

Fans were also treated to another steamy snap which saw the natural beauty chowing down on a holiday pizza.

  • Love Island's Zara McDermott sends pulses soaring with bum-baring holiday snap

  • Love Island's Zara McDermott flashes the flesh in sinfully slashed swimwear

Although it clearly wasn't just the stone baked pizza that followers couldn't get enough of.

The eye-popping image showcased the 22-year-old in a deep plunging black top as she tucked into her Italian inspired delight.

It's clear that Zara has worked hard to achieve her sensationally trim holiday physique so it's nice to see that she is really letting her hair down during her holiday time.

Meanwhile, over on her boyfriend and Made in Chelsea star Sam Thompson's account, fans were treated to a picture of the couple looking cosy and tanned.

  • Love Island's Zara McDermott flashes the flesh as she wears tiniest bikini yet

  • Love Island babe Zara Holland strips to lacy lingerie and suspenders for racy campaign

Tanned hunk Sam penned: "Couldn’t think of a funny caption.

"So I’ll just say how happy and lucky I am to have found a girl like her and think we’ve found our own little paradise here."

One adoring fan wrote: "Ugh love you both, I think I speak for everyone when I say we need constant couple pictures because I got worried for a while there, too cute, honestly your happiness is contagious."

Another chimed: "From ear to ear, so glad someone is making you that happy Sam."

A third exclaimed: "You guys are awesome together, so pleased for you both."

Zara and Sam have been enjoying some exotic time away together in the Maldives, prior to a special girls' 23rd birthday this weekend.

We just can't get enough of Zara and boyfriend Sam Thompson's incredibly adorable get-away.

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Harry Styles Put a Voicemail from Ex Camille Rowe in New Song ‘Cherry’: Find Out What She Said

Harry Styles is collaborating with an unlikely choice on his new track “Cherry” — ex-girlfriend Camille Rowe.

The 25-year-old crooner dropped his latest album Fine Line Friday, with one of the songs piquing listeners’ interest as it features a French-speaking voice mail in the final seconds of the tune.

While Styles didn’t officially name Rowe — who he split from in July 2018 after one year of dating — as the voice in “Cherry,” fans are convinced it is the Victoria’s Secret model, 33, as he revealed in an interview on Beats 1 that listeners could expect to hear a recording from an ex-girlfriend.

At the end of the song, the short French recording plays — which has since been translated by lyrics provider Genius.

The translation reads: “Hey! Are you asleep? Oh, I’m sorry/Well, no… Nope, it’s not important/Well then… We went to the beach and now we—/Perfect! Let’s go!”

In the song, the former One Direction singer refers to a past relationship and watching a lover be with someone else.

“Don’t you call him ‘baby’/We’re not talking lately/Don’t you call him what you used to call me,” he sings.

The artist also seemingly nods to Rowe as he adds, “I just miss your accent and your friends.”

During Styles’ interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe in November, he shared that the voice mail at the end of the tune was “my ex-girlfriend” and “felt so part of the song” and “needed.”

He added at the time that since the couple remained amicable, “I asked her if it was okay. And she was okay with it. I think she liked it.”

According to the New York Post‘s Page Six (who was first to report the couple’s breakup), the couple ended their relationship “shortly after” the singer wrapped up his world tour in early July 2018.

The exes reportedly met through mutual friend Alexa Chung, and Rowe was spotted by fans attending several of his performances in their final months together.

Fine Line is available for listening now.

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Zoo celebrates survival of endangered Mexican gray wolf pup

ALBUQUERQUE, NM — Albuquerque’s zoo is celebrating the survival of one of three Mexican gray wolf pups born at the facility this year.

ABQ BioPark officials say the pup has grown over the last several months and is becoming more curious and confident.

The births of the pups in May marked the first time in nearly 15 years that the BioPark welcomed Mexican wolf pups. To date, the zoo has had 72 pups born, although not all have survived. About 30 percent of all Mexican wolf pups die within the first year.

The BioPark also temporarily holds and cares for injured wild wolves that need medical treatment or rehabilitation. Two wolves that arrived in November were from separate packs in Arizona and New Mexico and had both been caught in leg hold traps. Both are expected to return to their wild packs after a little more care and rehabilitation.

The rarest subspecies of gray wolf in North America, Mexican wolves have struggled to gain ground since first being released in 1998 as part of an effort to return the animals to their historic range in the American Southwest. The challenges have included poaching, politics, legal challenges and even complications from a lack of genetic diversity.

The most recent survey showed there were at least 131 Mexican gray wolves in the wild in the southern mountain ranges of New Mexico and Arizona. There are an estimated 30 wolves in the wild in Mexico.

The population is still far from what biologists had initially envisioned by now and animal protection groups have grown more concerned about trapping. Defenders of Wildlife estimates that there have been 13 wolves caught unintentionally in traps in the last four years, with three occurring in 2019.

Bryan Bird, the group’s southwest program director, said Thursday with populations in New Mexico still recovering, the loss of any endangered wolf is unacceptable. He urged the New Mexico Game Commission to close areas within the wolf recovery area to commercial and recreational trapping.

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Caroline Flack and Lewis Burton’s last Instagram snap before beating charge

Caroline Flack and Lewis Burton's last Instagram snap together was a matter of weeks before her beating charge.

The Love Island host was arrested and charged with beating following a bust-up at the home she shares with her tennis star boyfriend.

In their last loved-up snap, which Caroline, 40, posted on November 20, the couple were all smiles as they enjoyed a trip to Winter Wonderland in London.

They wore matching hats as they beamed for the photo, clearly having a wonderful winter date together.

  • Caroline Flack's ex Andrew Brady branded relationship 'toxic' just a month before arrest

  • Caroline Flack memes flood the internet after Love Island star's arrest

Caroline captioned the snap: "You can leave your hat on," tagging her man in the heartfelt snap.

That was their last couple's photo before Caroline was charged with assault.

Daily Star Online exclusively revealed the star was arrested and charged with beating following a bust-up at her North London home she shares with her tennis star other half.

Six police cars were pictured outside the 40-year-old's London home in the early hours of yesterday after police said they were called to a "domestic disturbance'".

  • Caroline Flack and boyfriend Lewis Burton pictured together hours before her assault charge

  • Caroline Flack shared cryptic 'be kind' message days before assault arrest

A Met Police spokesman said: "Caroline Flack, 40, of Islington was charged on Friday, 13 December with assault by beating. She will appear on bail at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court on Monday, 23 December.

"This follows an incident at approximately 05:25hrs on Thursday, 12 December after reports of a man being assaulted. He was not seriously injured."

The man was treated by paramedics and a London Ambulance Service spokesman said: "We were called yesterday (Thursday 12 December) at 5.28am to reports of a person unwell in Islington.

"We sent an ambulance to the scene and took a person to hospital."

  • Caroline Flack called 'desperate' by Rylan after making Strictly confession

  • Caroline Flack goes topless and strips to her knickers for sultry bedroom snaps

It is not known which hospital he was taken to or if the injured man has since been released.

Police confirmed the man had "sustained injuries". The spokesman added: "Officers attended along with the London Ambulance Service.

"A man sustained injuries, which are not thought to be serious.

"A woman was arrested at the location on suspicion of actual bodily harm."

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Tyson Fury vs Deontay rematch CONFIRMED for February 22 with announcement to come in ‘spectacular’ fashion – The Sun

THE hotly-anticipated rematch between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury is "in stone" for February 22nd, according to promoter Bob Arum.

The pair fought an epic 12 round showdown at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles back in December 2018.

And while there has been no formal announcement yet, the rematch is likely to take place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on February 22.

Arum told IFL TV: "Like everything with Tyson Fury, everything is going to be spectacular.

"This is going to be like a circus. This promotion is going to be one of the greatest promotions in the history of boxing.

"So a lot of things are being planned, when the announcement is, and how it’s going to be done.

"Where it’s going to be done, I’m not going to reveal it, because they’ll slit my throat if I do.

"I have to keep it under wraps. But with ESPN and Fox combining, they’re idea guys, and with the way they promote products, they’re something special.

"The American public are going to be seeing a lot of Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury, I think that’s pretty good, That’s in stone."

When pushed on whether the fight would indeed be at the MGM Grand in Vegas, Arum replied: "That’s also sort of in stone, but that’ll be finalised this week.

"The formal announcement will come in spectacular fashion that will go around the world."

The first fight finished in a controversial draw – with many fancy feeling that Tyson Fury should have won.

The hulking Brit survived a huge 12th round combination from Wilder that left him lying flat on his back, shocking fans by beating the count and resuming the fight.

Since then, a bloodied Fury defeated Otto Wallin in September, while Wilder dispatched of Luis Ortiz for a second time last month.

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